To the Green Fields Beyond
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Derek Folgate  1936 - 2017  Lance Corporal Derek Folgate served with 42 (TA) RTR and 8 RTR for 7 years. Died: 7 May 2017 aged 79
Bruce Gaff  1939 - 2017 Bruce served with 2RTR from August 1957 to April 1960 in the Rank of Corporal.  He then served with Westminster Dragoons from April 1960 to March 1967. Died: 10 August 2017 aged 78
Edward David Taylor (Ted)   1918 - 2016  WO2 Edward Taylor Served with 8RTR and 44RTR during WW2. His service ended in May 1946 with the Nottingham Sherwood  Rangers. Died: 23 November 2016 aged 98
David Francis  1917 - 2017 David served in the 2 RTR from July 1945 - May 1948 with the rank of Trooper.  He then served with 42  RTR (f.A,) 1949 - 1964. Then with RTR (AER) 1962 - 1964. Died: 6 August 2017 aged 90
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To the Green Fields Beyond
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